Become a Member

Membership Requirement

  1. The prospective member is a sole proprietorship or a partnership firm or an association of persons or a company holding national tax number and sales tax registration, if applicable, in the name of the business concern.
  2. The prospective member’s business fits within the defined business scope or area of jurisdiction of District Lahore as provided in the memorandum and articles of association of HCCI and under the licence granted by the Federal Government.
  3. The application for grant of membership shell be proposed and seconded by existing members of the Hazara Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  4. The prospective member has no criminal conviction.
  5. The prospective member has a valid national tax number and sales tax registration, if applicable;
  6. Membership may be cancelled or disqualified, on the grounds provided under the memorandum and articles of association, and if the member breaches any provision of the Trade Organization Ordinance;
  7. The membership shall be renewable on annual basis subject to fulfillment of following conditions,
    • Payment of prescribed subscription within the time stipulated in the memorandum and articles of association, which shall not be later than 31st March every year;
    • Proof of filing income tax return and sales tax, if applicable, for latest preceding assessment yea

Salient feature:

  • Abbottabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry is voice of Traders and Industrialists
  • The Chamber is a bridge between Government and business community
  • The Chamber of Commerce & Industry provides arbitration amongst the community in order to redress their mutual business issues in accordance with the rules
  • Chamber renders technical, managerial, supervisory and advisory assistance to the members
  • Chamber makes presentation to the local and provincial authorities on any matter connected with the trade, commerce and industry of its members
  • Organize trade and industry exhibitions in the interest of business community
  • It provides help to the societies on humanitarian grounds by way of donation and charity funds particularly in natural disaster across the country
  • ACCI extends maximum possible role to all the Chambers of Commerce across the country in national and beneficent activities
  • ACCI is fully affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry


  • Safeguard and promote the right, interest and privilege of traders, industrialists and service sector
  • Membership of the chamber facilitate the members in obtaining international VISA for business purpose
  • Facilitate the members in import & export business
  • ACCI proves your identity as trader/industrialist all over the world