About ACCI

We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

                 Hazara Chamber of Commerce & Industry at Abbottabad came into being in 1986-87 which remained in the service of traders/Industrialists of Hazara Division for a long time. It enjoyed distinction of being the Chamber of Hazara Region representing economic activities by virtue of its prime location in the heart of Abbottabad, affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

                 On promulgation of Trade Ordinance Act 2013 it has been converted in to the name of Abbottabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry established in the year 2017. Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Commerce re-licenced under Trade Organizations Act, 2013 in favour of Abbottabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry on February 02, 2017 for the duration of FIVE years.


SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN granted certificate of incorporation in favour of Abbottabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry on 26.5.2017.


Our goal is to facilitate all the members in best possible way in resolving their issues with reference to the business concern.


In order to strengthen the ACCI full support of the business community is needed